*Specific Learning Disabilities*                           *ADHD*                      *Social-Emotional Problems*             

*Autism Spectrum Disorder*

Evaluations are never the final answer to the challenges that a child may be having, but they can help determine a child's eligibility for services, the best educational program, and/or answer questions about how best to support them in their current placement.  My goal with every evaluation is to paint an accurate, illuminating and comprehensive picture of the child, articulate his/her needs, and provide succinct, do-able, behaviorally-based recommendations that may help him/her be more successful.  


As a licensed school psychologist, I can provide evaluations to school districts for the purpose of disability determinations, or to parents who want more information about their child's diagnosis and/or social-emotional well-being.  I am qualified to conduct evaluations of any psychiatric diagnosis, keeping in mind that the actual diagnostic label is far less important than the specific behavioral, learning, emotional or social challenges that the child is facing.  In all of my evaluations, I ensure that in addition to answering the frequently-asked referral question regarding diagnosis, I clearly identify all of the child's challenges that were revealed in the evaluation process.  Most importantly, I thoroughly review my findings with parents to ensure that they understand what the results mean, and what can be done to better support their child's learning.