Teri Brooks, Ph.D., BCBA   Founder & Lead Clinician


Since 1993, I have been working to find behavioral solutions for children, families, and schools in my multiple roles as therapist, behavior consultant, and school psychologist.  I have a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, I am licensed as a doctoral-level clinical psychologist, and I am a Board-Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA).  I have 15 years of experience as a school psychologist providing a range of behavior consultation and evaluation services, which has given me a deep knowledge of the range of disabilities that can impact school performance, along with an intimate understanding of school systems and Special Education.  I very much enjoy presenting trainings and workshops, and my goal is always to keep my audience actively engaged in meaningful activities that provide the experiential backdrop to the didactic material I need to convey.  Of singular importance to me is providing parents and other adults with the tools they need to help all children be the best that they can be.  At the heart of all of my work is this intense interest in helping children, which is really all I've ever wanted to do. 

On a more personal level, my expertise as a therapist and a school psychologist has been augmented by my personal experiences as a foster parent and as a bio-parent to two beautiful (and yes, sometimes challenging!) children.  I find inspiration in the incredible beauty of the Vermont and Virginia countrysides, preferably seen on horse-back.  It may surprise some to know that horses have a lot to teach us about how to make the right thing easy (or desirable), and the wrong thing hard (or less desirable)!  This is the essence of how to make positive behavior change.